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Lens Division

Foctek lens division was established in 2013, is one of the Fortko group's three division, with the international advanced level of processing and testing equipment, Fuzhou Sales Office, Shenzhen subsidiary, a subsidiary of Sanming production base, Guangzhou office, Shanghai office and other subsidiaries and sales offices.

Lens business focus on precision optical lenses, special custom-made lenses, such as R & D, production, marketing. Products have: 3MP, 5MP high-definition fixed security surveillance lens, 3MP, 5MP HD zoom security surveillance lens, 12MP HD smart traffic lens, 5MP pixel, machine vision lens, car lens, etc..

Department has a strong R & D capabilities, the development of the black light, star, super star, single Sensor panoramic camera, are in a leading position in the industry

The head of department not only in security monitoring, road monitoring, precision instruments, medical equipment, automation equipment, automobile and other traditional areas of progress, but also in machine vision, intelligent transportation, smart city, intelligent Home Furnishing, face recognition, UAV, AR/VR and other emerging hot areas of rapid development.