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  • Products Name: CS-D02812IR(2MP)-2
  • Products Number: CS-D02812IR(2MP)-2
  • Published: 2017-03-08
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型号(Model): CS-D02812IR(2MP)-2
镜头参数(Parameter of Lens)
分辨率(Pixel) 2MP
像面尺寸(Image Format) 1/1.3″
焦距(Focal Length) 2.8-12mm
通光孔径(Aperture) F1.4
接口(Mount) CS
视场角(Field Angle)
1/3" 120°×96°×72°~30°×24°×18°
最近物距(M.O.D.) 0.3m
外形尺寸(Dimension) Φ45×65.2mm
重量(Weight) 141±3g
机械后焦距(Back Focal Length) 11.24mm
操作方法(Operation) 光圈 ( Iris ) 自动光圈(DC)
聚焦 (Focus) 手动聚焦(Manual)
变焦 ( Zoom) 手动变焦(Manual)
工作温度(Operating temperature) -20℃~+60℃
尺寸公差Size tolerance(mm): 0-10±0.05 10-30±0.10 30-120±0.20
角度公差Angle tolerance ±2°
Iris Wiring instruction Drive-
DC Resistance Excite 190Ω±10%,25℃
Brake 520Ω±10%,25℃
Operating Voltage C→0 2.5~3.3V
Operating Parameters Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Relative Humidity 95%~98%


Vari-Focal Lens
This lens has two(2) focal distance.The change of Tele/wide can be done with zooming.In case you want to make focus at an optional position between Tele/wide you must re-adjust focusing once again.
Direct Drive Iris
This lens is not built-in amplifier for auto iris (AUTO IRIS CONTROL PRINTED RCUITBOARD).Iris blade on lens is being operated by DC from camera accordingly.Please use this lens with conbination of camera built-in auto iris amplifier (DC-iris) or camera which can be switchable for DCiris.
Adjustment Of Fixing Position
Fixing between mount and camera must be turned right toward camera to the end tightly.Lens must be turned to opposite direction (not clockwise) and you can adjust fixing position of lens quite easily.As per sketch No.1 part of alvanometric meter must be positioned on left side toward front of camera when you fix lens on camera.When you want to take lens off from camera,you must turn lens to left direction.

Maintenance and Attention
1. Please keep softly when install and uninstall it.
2. Please use air-blowing to blow away the fog or use the heat of the bulb to drying.when Lens system Optical instruments fogging because of the abrupt change of temperature .
3.Please use degrease cotton dipped in little mixture mixed by anhydrous ethanol and aether(6:4) to wipe.
4. Please save it on dry environment when lens is nonuse for a long time.