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  • Products Name: C-M50(5MP)
  • Products Number: C-M50(5MP)
  • Published: 2017-03-08
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All Metal and Glass Material; Better Material and Much Excellent Image Quality.

Visible and IR Confocal Design for Day and Night Application.

P-iris can Assure More Meticulous Image.


型号(Model): C-M50(5MP)
镜头参数(Parameter of Lens)
分辨率(Pixel) 8MP
像面尺寸(Image format) 2/3″
焦距(Focal length) 35mm
通光孔径(Aperture) F1.8
接口(Mount) C
视场角(Field angle)
2/3" 17.9°×14.3°×10.7°
1/2" 13°°×10.4°×4.8°
最近物距(M.O.D.) 0.3m
外形尺寸(Dimension) Φ40×60.9mm
重量(Weight) 158±3g
机械后焦距(Back focal length) 13.1mm
畸变( Optical Distoration)  0.36%
操作方法(Operation) 光圈 ( Iris ) 手动光圈(Manual)
聚焦 (Focus) 手动聚焦(Manual)
变焦 ( Zoom) /
工作温度(Operating temperature) -20℃~+60℃
尺寸公差Size tolerance(mm): 0-10±0.05 10-30±0.10 30-120±0.20
角度公差Angle tolerance ±2°