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  • Products Name: Beamsplitter Plate
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  • Published: 2017-03-06
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The common Beam splitters are used to split or combine laser beam. However Polarization    BeamSplitters are used to split or combine two perpendicular polarization laser beam. The performance of beamsplitters is mainly dependent on the coating specifications. 

Beamsplitter Plate 
Material: ---N-BK7 or H-K9L grade A optical glass 
Dimension Tolerance:------- ±0.2mm 
Thickness Tolerance: --------±0.2mm 
Flatness: --- λ  /4 @ 632.8 nm 
Surface Quality: -----60/40 scratch and dig 
Parallelism: -------------<1 arc minute 
T/R:-------------50/50±5%, for random polarization 
-----------------------------------T=(Ts+Tp)/2, R=(Rs+Rp)/2 


Coatings: (Incidence angle: 45 degree) 
Surface1: ----------------------partial reflection coating
Surface2: ----------------------Anti Reflection coating

Standard Coating wavelength: 
Narrow Band: ---------488, 532, 632.8, 650, 808, 850, 980, 1064, 1310, 1550 nm 
Broadband: -------------450-650, 650-900, 900-1200, 1200-1550, 1500-1610 nm

Standard Size:

Size(mm) Narrow Band Broadband
Part No. Part No.
10x10x2 BSP1103 BSP1203
12.7x12.7x2 BSP1104 BSP1204
25.4x25.4x2 BSP1105 BSP1205
ф25.4x2 BSP1106 BSP1206


Ordering Information: 
Part No, - wavelength 
For example, BSP1203 - 1500-1610, 
Beamsplitter 10X10mm, 1500-1610 nm broadband coating.