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  • Products Name: Non-polarizing Cube Beamsplitter
  • Products Number: B004
  • Published: 2017-03-06
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Consists of a pair of precision high tolerance right angle prisms cemented together with a metallic-dielectric coating on the hypotenuse of one of the prisms. The low polarization dependence of the metallic-dielectric coating allows the transmission and reflection for S- and P- polarization states to be within 6% of each other. This means that they will not change the state of polarization of the incident beam.
We offer both broadband and single wavelength non-polarizing cube beamsplitters (NPBS). An antireflective coating has beem applied to each face of the beamsplitter in order to produce maximum transmission efficiency for the appropriate wavelength range.

Broadband NPBS 
Material: ---------------------------------------------------N-BK7 grade A, optical glass
Dimension Tolerance: --------------------------------±0.1mm 
Flatness: -------------------------------------------------- l/4 @ 632.8 nm per 25mm 
Surface Quality: -----------------------------------------60/40 scratches and dig
Beam Deviation: ----------------------------------------<3arc minutes
Clear Aperature: ----------------------------------------90%
Bevel: ------------------------------------------------------0.3 mm X 45 deg
Coating :Hypotenuse Face---------------------------NPBS Coating
Splitting Ratio :--------------------------------------------Tp/Rp=Ts/Rs= 45%±5%
Absorption: -----------------------------------------------<10%
Polarization: ---------------------------------------------6%
AR Coating: @450-680nm R<0.5%, @720-1080nm R<0.5%, @1100-1620nm R<0.5%


Tp=Ts=45%+/-5% @ 450nm-680nm


Size(mm) Part NO..
5.0x5.0x5.0 NPB1201
10.0x10.0x10.0 NPB1202
12.7x12.7x12.7 NPB1203
20.0x20.0x20.0 NPB1204
25.4x25.4x25.4 NPB1205
30.0x30.0x30.0 NPB1206
40.0x40.0x40.0 NPB1207
50.8x50.8x50.8 NPB1208

Note: Other sizes, split ratio and coating are available upon request.

Ordering Information:
Part No. - wavelength
For example, NPB1202-450~680 nm 
Polarization Beamsplitter Cube 10x10x10 mm, 1500-1610 nm broadband coating