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  • Products Name: Dielectric Coating Filter
  • Products Number: F004
  • Published: 2017-03-06
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FOCtek offers dielectric coating filters made of optical materials such as Colored Glass, BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire and so on. The dielectric coating filters include bandpass filters, dichroic filters, longpass filters and shortpass filters. The transmissive rangs of wavelength is cutomized and high transmission at specified wavelength is available upon request.


Attribute Specification
Material Optical glass
Typical Diameter(ψmm) 10.0,12.7,15.0,20.0,25.4,ect
Typical Thickness(mm) 0.2~20.0
Dimension Tolerance(mm) ±0.2(Gerneral),±0.1/0.05(High Precision)
Sueface Quality 80/50(Gerneral),40/20(High Precision)
Wavelength(nm) Upon request
Coating Dielectric coated AR,HR,PR,ect


Note for Dielectric Coating Filter:
(1). Optical glass such as Colored Glass, N-BK7, H-K9L, B270 Fused Silica, Sapphire and so on.
(2). Dielectric Coating Filter at any size with shape of quadrate, triangular, or other polygonal are available
(3). Wavelength range such as UV (200nm-399nm), VIS (400nm-700nm), IR (750nm-2500nm) is available.
(4).  Please contact us for more details.