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  • Products Name: Coating Type Filter
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  • Published: 2017-03-07
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Metallic Coating type
Material: BK7 glass and Fused Silica
Flatness: 2λ per 25 mm
Surface Quality: 80/50
Parallelism: 3 min.
Dimension Tolerance:+/-0.2mm
Coating: Vacuum-deposited metallic alloy
Optical density Tolerance: +/-5%

Note for Interference Filter:
(1). Typical diameter is phi 10.0mm,15.0mm,20.0mm,25.4mm,other size at shape of ,quadrate triangular,or other polygonals are available upon request.
(2).Typical size tolerance is ±0.2mm,better precision is available upon request.
(3).Typical parallelism is 3 arc minutes,better parallelism is available upon request.
(4).Typical flatness is 2λ,high precision such as λ/2 is available upon request.
(5).Typical surface quality is 80/50,better precision such as 60/40,40/20,20/10 is available upon request.
(6).Optical density (D) is defined as the base 10 logarithm of the reciprocal of transmittance (T):
D=log(1/T) or T=10(-D),Besides the typical optical density listed as above,others are available upon request.