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  • Published: 2017-03-08
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Ti3+:Al2O3 :- titanium-doped sapphire crystals combine supreme physical and optical properties with broadest lasing range, It's indefinitely long stability and useful lifetime added to the lasing over entire band of 660-1050 nm challenge "dirty" dyes in variety of applications. Medical laser systems, lidars, laser spectroscopy, direct femtosecond pulse generation by Kerr-type mode-locking - there are few of existing and potential applications. 
The absorption band of Ti:Sapphire centered at 490 nm makes it suitable for variety of laser pump sources - argon ion, frequency doubled Nd:YAG and YLF, copper vapour lasers. Because of 3.2 μs fluorescence lifetime Ti:Sapphire crystals can be effectively pumped by short pulse flashlamps in powerful laser systems.

FOCTEK produces a wide variety of finished laser rods and slabs, our general Ti:Sapphire production capabilities include:

1) Ti2O3 conentration: 0.06-0.5 wt% 
2) Figure of Merit: 100~300 
3) Diameter: 2~50mm 
4) Path Length: 2~130mm 
5) End configuration: flat/flat or Brewster/Brewster ends or Specified
Typical Specification and Tolerance:

1) Orientation: Optical axis C normal to rod axis 
2) α490: 1.0-7.5cm-1 
3) Flatness: < l/10 @633nm 
4) Parallelism: 10 arcsec 
5) Surface quality: 10/5 scratch/dig 
6) Wavefront distortion: < l/4 per inch  @633nm 
To inquiry or order a finished Ti3+:Sapphire laser rod, please specify the specification listed above in details for evaluation and fabrication. Dopant concentration, sizes and end configuration are essential specification.
Physical and Optical Properties 

Physical and Optical Properties
Chemical formula Ti3+: Al2O3
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Melting point 2050 °C
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Mohs hardness 9
Thermal conductivity 0.11 cal/(°C x sec x cm)
Specific heat 0.10 cal/g

Laser action

4-Level Vibronic

Lattice constants

a = 4.748, c = 12.957

Fluorescence lifetime

3.2 μsec (T = 300 K)

Tuning range

660-1050 nm

Absorbtion range

400-600 nm

Emission peak

795 nm

Absorption peak

488 nm

Refractive index

1.76 @ 800 nm