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Corporate Governance

Board Of Directors
Board Of Supervisors
Senior Management

Huang Hengbiao Chairman And Director
Luo Jianfeng, Vice Chairman, Director
Guo Shaoqin Director
Geng Shuanghua Director
Zhu Yongkang Director
Wu Xiuyong, Vice Chairman, Director
Huang Muwang Director
Huang Linchang Director
Lu Hui Director
Xie Shusen Director

Terms Of Reference

Ruan Yikai Chairman Of The Board Of Supervisors
Xu Wenquan Staff Supervisor
Huang Jingrong Supervisor


Terms Of Reference

Huang Mu Wang, General Manager
Guo Yao, Deputy General Manager
Xu Qingqing, Deputy General Manager
Lian Yinghong Board Of Directors Secretary
Wei Dequan, Deputy General Manager
Lin Jie Financial Director


Terms Of Reference

No. Name Of Affiliated
Participation In
Amount (Million)
Net Profit Of Participating
Company (Ten Thousand Yuan)
Whether The Report Merge Main Business
1 福建易视科技有限公司 Subsidiary Company 100.00 5000 - - -
2 浙江闽越信息科技有限公司 Subsidiary Company 51.00 510 - - -
3 宝帝科技股份有限公司 Other 15.00 - - - -
4 福建福特科科技有限公司 Subsidiary Company 51.00 - - - -
5 深圳福光昌隆电子设备有限公司 Subsidiary Company 100.00 - -0.8 Yes -
6 三明福特科光电有限公司 Subsidiary Company 100.00 - 267.89 Yes -